There’s No Wrong Way to Plug-and-Play!

Audio, video, data, and power through a single, reversible connector – all made possible through MHL Alt Mode for USB Type-C. Let’s make the connection today.


A brilliant world of 8K video and immersive audio awaits you, made possible through the world’s first superMHL interface and cable.

Expand Your Mobile World

Experience more power in the palm of your hand than ever before. Turn your smartphone into a home entertainment system, stream TV and movies in high-definition, and experience immersive surround-sound audio. MHL brings your favorite mobile content to the big screen. It’s time to live large and think bigger.

The Next Level of Mobile Gaming

Are you ready for the next level of high-definition, zero lag, mobile game play? Pair a Bluetooth game controller to your mobile device with MHL to transform it into a game console, all while the TV charges back your device. MHL is revolutionizing the way you play.

Take MHL for a Test Drive

Hit the road with MHL by accessing phone apps on your car’s infotainment system. View navigation and traffic updates, while enjoying your personal music library. There’s no reason why your phone and car should be separate. Connect without barriers and join the next phase in the evolution of mobile life.

Your Work, Your Way

With MHL, your office is where you make it. Connect your smartphone or tablet to your TV and pair a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to work anywhere, anytime. MHL’s cutting-edge connectivity is redefining the mobile office.

What is MHL?

MHL is an easy to use technology that enables consumers to connect a variety of mobile and CE products to TVs and monitors. With an ecosystem of more than 750 million products, the combinations are endless! MHL delivers up to 8K 120fps for tomorrow’s home theater products and 4K 60fps and beyond for mobile devices. With our technology hearing is believing, so we support advanced audio formats such as Dolby Atmos®, Dolby TrueHD, DTS:X and DTS-HD. And to prove we’re truly technology that’s in “charge” we also provide 40W of power. At home, in the office, or on the road — wherever you go, MHL goes with you.


Introducing superMHL

Are you ready for the next evolution of MHL®? We’re proud to introduce superMHL™, our latest technology specification. For mobile, we’re delivering higher resolution, faster frame rates, support for the USB Type-C connector and 40W of power charging, while expanding capabilities for tomorrow’s living room though 8K video at 120 frames per second, a consumer friendly superMHL connector and picture enhancement features.


Hello, USB Type-C!

MHL Alt Mode over USB Type-C™ enables MHL video up to 8K and immersive audio concurrently with USB 2.0 and/or USB 3.1 Gen 1 or Gen 2 data. Devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks will also be charged while connected to larger displays such as TVs, monitors, projectors and car infotainment systems. Since it’s a reversible connector, there’s no wrong way to plug-and-play!


Become an Adopter

Adopter membership is open to all companies interested in building products designed with the latest MHL specification. Join today and become a part of the growing MHL ecosystem!



Want to learn more about MHL? Check out our YouTube channel to see how real people are using MHL and what the media is saying about this revolutionary technology.