Frequently Asked Questions About MHL Membership

1. What is the goal of the MHL Consortium?

The MHL Consortium is responsible for licensing and promoting the MHL technology as an industry standard open to anyone desiring to become an adopter, and to drive adoption of the technology into a broad ecosystem of specification-compliant products.

2. Who are the Promoters of the MHL Consortium?

The current Promoters of the Consortium are: Nokia, Samsung, Lattice Semiconductor, Sony, and Toshiba.

3. What are the benefits of membership?

  • Access to full suite of specifications
  • Interoperability and compliance testing
  • Certification, trademark, copyright, and logo usage
  • Trademark, copyright, and IP protection
  • Participation in marketing and promotional campaigns

4. Who needs to become an adopter of the MHL Consortium?

Companies that plan to sell MHL branded products need to become an Adopter. This includes companies that:

  • Sell a branded product
  • Require certification
  • Require access to the full suite of MHL specifications, compliance test specifications, and logos

5. How do I become an adopter of the MHL Consortium?

Register on our website to become an adopter and download the agreement. Sign two (2) copies and send to:

2115 O’Nel Drive, Suite 203
San Jose, CA 95131

6. What is the turnaround time to process an MHL adopter membership application?

MHL, LLC processes signed agreements within 24 business hours of receipt. Once processed, a membership invoice is issued and sent to the contact provided. Within 24 business hours of payment receipt, the account is activated and log in credentials emailed to the contact provided.

7. What are the membership levels and are there associated fees and royalties?

There are two (2) automatically renewed annual membership fee options: 

o USD 10,000 - companies with annual revenue equal to or greater than USD 10 million.

o USD 5,000 - companies with annual revenue of less than USD 10 million.

Note, companies claiming revenues of less than USD 10 million are required to submit documentation of their revenues with their initial signed adopter agreement and then 90 days prior to each yearly anniversary.  Companies failing to provide appropriate documentation will be assumed to have revenues greater than USD 10 million.  See Exhibit B of the adopters agreement for more details.

Royalties are $0.04 per unit for all Adopters regardless of company revenue, product category or volume shipped. 

8. How does a company gain access to the MHL specifications?

Any company that wishes to gain access to the specifications has to first become an MHL adopter. Once the company becomes a licensed adopter, access will be granted to the MHL extranet where the specifications reside.

9. What are the main features of MHL technology?

To see a comparison chart that outlines all of the different features of each specification, please click here.

10. What is required for a product to be compliant?

MHL adopters will have to meet compliance requirements of the MHL specification by submitting their products for testing and certification to an MHL Authorized Test Center (ATC). A company must be an MHL adopter in order to submit any product for testing to an ATC. 

11. What is the difference between the full MHL specification and the abridged MHL specification?

The abridged specification is a shortened version of the full specification, the goal of which is to provide a preview of the complete feature set found within the full specification.

12. Does my membership allow me access to all versions of the MHL specification?

Yes, membership allows you access to the full suite of MHL specifications.